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Osiyo. I am a Cherokee storyteller and educator. I follow traditional Cherokee ways that have been passed down through my family and clan. I was given the name of Stands With Many by an Elder in my clan. Storytelling runs in my family; My Grandmother and Great Grandmother were both storytellers, passing on the traditions to me.

The stories that I share are very entertaining and are traditionally used to teach Native American values and lessons about life. Through stories, music, and dance I share these traditions and values with my audience.

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I have a BFA degree from Towson University. I understand the impact that storytelling has on young listeners; it nourishes the imagination, sparks creativity and the desire for reading and writing.

I am also a proud father. My son Zach is quite an accomplished storyteller and dancer in his own right, as well as a filmmaker. We have performed together at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. as well as other venues. For a listing of places where I have performed Click Here.

Top left photo by Zach Greenbaum
Top right photo by Kanji Takeno
Bottom left photo by Ashley Minner
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I am pleased to announce the start of my online store; Stands With Many Arts & Crafts. I will be selling leather work, wood carvings and crafts, stone carvings and crafts, paintings, jewelry, CDs, and more. Any artists or craftsperson interested in selling through my store please email me. To visit the store click here.