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Residency and Workshop Programs
The Cherokee tribe is one of the most well-known Native American tribes with a rich, tragic and proud history. My workshops are designed to introduce children to the Cherokee people and increase their awareness about different cultures – as well as introduce them to the subject of Native American history in America. Children will engage in kid-friendly, age-appropriate activities so they can learn about this strong, thriving Native American nation.

Residency and workshop programs are only available in conjunction with a storytelling or educational program. They can be developed to fit your needs. Some of the residencies and workshops that I offer are described below. If there are other topics you are interested in or if combining various parts of different workshops would work let me know.

Workshops and residencies are billed per hour. For current costs click here.
Contemporary Native American Life

Through the use of stories and biographies of famous contemporary Natives, personal and family stories, videos, and plenty of discussion time, students will learn that Native people are real people and still exist. Myths and misconceptions created by television, movies, and literature will be dispelled. All content is age and grade level appropriate.

Recommended Grades: 2 - 12
Running Time: Minimum 1 hour
Native American Arts and Crafts

Children will learn about various Native American arts and crafts through slides, videos, and hands on examples. The workshop can culminate in the creation of a traditional Native item using modern materials and methods. Projects can be the making of a dreamcatcher, a painted rattle, or a sand painting.

This workshop usually requires a minimum of two hours. Once the program and workshop are booked I will supply a list of materials needed, suggested places to get these materials, and instructions to familiarize yourself and prepare for the workshop.

Recommended Grades: 1 - 12
Running Time: Minimum of 2 hours

Native American Music and Dance

Students will sample various styles of Native American music from various tribes and regions of North American. A variety of drums and rattles will be demonstrated and explained. Students will learn and sing along to a Cherokee social dance song. The program ends with a Plains style group Round Dance.

Recommended Grades: 1 - 12
Running Time: Minimum 1 hour
Cherokee History and Culture

Students will be guided through a brief history of the Cherokee people starting with the earliest settlements in the southeast up to present times. Along the way they will learn about traditional and contemporary Cherokee culture. Short videos and visual aids enhance the workshop.There is discussion time during and at the end of the presentation. This workshop is geared towards older students.

Recommended Grades: 4 - 12
Running Time: Minimum 1 hour

For booking information and current cost click here.